• Dannie Lee



    I began as one of those kids with a high metabolism who could eat a whole pizza, run around and play three sports and not gain weight. As I got older, I started eating better, but I was still gaining weight. I paid for years of personal training at a local gym that taught me many skills for working out and supplementation, and I did a lot of reading. I personally practiced a few diets—most worked for short term goals, but keeping the weight off long term did not seem like a possibility. I was running, lifting, and doing more than most, yet the weight stubbornly would not come off. Even after I started teaching at the gym as a group exercise instructor, I still could not get rid of the abdominal and hip area excess.

    Then I found the Healthpointe 2.0 program—it seemed too simple to actually work. I started the program in 2010 with the goal of reaching my ideal weight I wanted to be the rest of my life by age 40 in 2013. Surprisingly, I lost all of the weight by January of 2011, and then spent the next year increasing strength and stamina. In 2012 a woman came up to me in the locker room and said, “How do you get those?” pointing to my abs. I ran to the mirror to see what she was talking about and saw I had reached my crazy goal of having a “lady’s pack”—those defining lines that outline the core strength built over time. It was an emotional moment for me, to say the least.

    In 2012 my husband and I discovered after seven years of marriage that we could have children. Due to our excellent health, the doctor gave us high chances of success, but not without risk. I was put on bed rest at week 24 to prevent our daughter from being born prematurely. My husband prepared meals for us using the Healthpointe 2.0 system. I did gain a lot of weight due to the lack of exercise—which resulted in me weighing 182 lbs when my daughter was born. I made it to 36 weeks and one day, and our daughter was born perfectly healthy and was never in NICU. My doctors were impressed with my pregnancy health and post-partum weight loss using the Healthpointe 2.0 system.

    Now two years later, I am back to teaching a few classes a week and back into a size 6, where I started. I am living my dream. What’s yours?

  • Licensed to Teach

    • U-Jam Fitness
    • Aqua Bootcamp and Aerobics
    • R.I.P.P.E.D.
    • Mat Pilates
    • POP Pilates (certification pending)
  • Zumba® Qualifications

     Zumba® Convention 2012 - Attended Zumba® Instructor Convention 2012
    Los Angeles Conference 2014 - Attended Zumba® Los Angeles Conference 2014